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AdHawk Microsystems delivers full-stack eye tracking technology - from custom silicon to cloud-based analytics - to unlock the connection between the eyes, the brain and the world around us. The company has developed wearable eye tracking products with unprecedented speed and data quality by replacing cameras and image processing with a highly customized microsystem that delivers game-changing computational and power efficiencies. The AdHawk solution is powering a new generation of “form-factor-first” smart glasses with all-day biometric sensing in Tier 1 OEM products. The technology is also being deployed in XR products, human-computer-interaction PC peripherals, and clinical instruments. Deep-tech breakthroughs at AdHawk have also positioned the company to develop the first fitness tracker for the brain: a consumer wearable device that will soon offer billions of people rich analytics on their cognitive processes, and actionable insights to improve their brain health and wellness.
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Brickeye empowers industrial users with advanced decision-making tools and actionable insights anywhere and anytime to build a safer, more resilient, and more sustainable future. The company is leading the global digital transformation by developing the world’s best interconnected solutions for generating actionable data from assets and processes, to enhance efficiency and productivity, reduce operational costs and risks, increase safety, and improve environmental performance.
BuyBack Booth is the world's most accurate smartphone diagnostic robot and is built for processors, carriers, retailers, trade-in, reverse logistics, and more. Our App-to Booth technology easily integrates with your existing (or new) diagnostic platform, and it's guaranteed to produce accurate phone evaluations at retail. Our patented platform with its AI-powered computer vision eliminates waiting periods, holdbacks, and weighted/averaged valuations. Reinvent your phone diagnostic ecosystem with BuyBack Booth. Contact us to schedule an online demo today!
Callia is a tech-enabled start-up disrupting flowers across Canada. We help you make more moments that matter. We're proudly Winnipeg-based, female-founded and 100% Canadian. Callia Flowers ( is the best new experience sending flowers: just 3 bouquets at a time that you can order online for delivery in our signature blue box in more than 55 cities across Canada. We deliver exactly what you ordered, extra-special, on time and just like the picture, even when it's -41°C. We're a hard-working team of great people who are doing things differently. Backed by venture capital and proudly part of the C100 Fellows program, we're changing the status quo by building a Next Generation brand backed by a unique supply chain and end-to-end logistics.
Classcraft is a free online, educational role-playing game that teachers and students play together in the classroom. By using many of the conventions traditionally found in games today, students can level up, work in teams, and earn powers that have real-world consequences. Acting as a gamification layer around any existing curriculum, the game transforms the way a class is experienced throughout the school year.
Data Sentinel is a data trust and compliance platform that helps businesses continuously manage their data privacy compliance, governance, and quality in real time. Data Sentinel’s proprietary deep learning discovery technology illuminates the true nature of an organization’s data across all sources and systems, monitoring, measuring, and remediating the data to ensure compliance with company policies and evolving data management privacy regulations.
DrugBank is the world’s first intelligent and comprehensive drug knowledge platform. With the help of artificial intelligence, our team of medical and scientific experts gather, author, verify, and structure all of the latest biomedical information into one knowledge platform. Then we make this platform easy to access through DrugBank Online (our free-to-use website), data downloads, or software integrations. Our goal is to augment human intelligence so that all medical information is used to its fullest potential, because we want to ensure that everyone in the world has access to the best possible medical outcomes.
HAVEN develops air monitoring technologies and connected (IoT) products, focused on detection of common particles and chemicals that affect human health. HAVEN has designed a proprietary laser-based particle detecting technology that is miniature, accurate and reliable; costing a small fraction of other sensors on the market with similar capabilities. Our software platform processes a large amount of environmental data. The issue we are tackling is the lack of publicly available data on air pollution and environmental factors that affect human health, as well as the lack of actionable steps that can be taken once the information is collected in order to implement effective solutions.
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At Hopper, we’re on a mission to build the most customer-centric travel company on earth. We are leveraging the power that comes from combining massive amounts of data and machine learning to build the world’s fastest-growing mobile first travel marketplace -- one that enables our customers to save money and travel better. Hopper’s goal is to reduce traveler anxiety throughout all stages of the trip buying and taking process. By creating a transparent travel marketplace and unique, data-driven financial technology products focused on providing peace-of-mind, Hopper adds value along each step of the customer’s journey.
Nano Magnetics is a product innovation company specialized in magnets. Founded on the success of Nanodots® magnetic constructors, Nano's innovative products have been showcased in Hollywood, on the hit TV series Big Bang Theory and sold around the world. Nano Magnetics holds a Guinness World Record for the Largest Magnet Sculpture, revealed in Hollywood in 2011 containing more than 500,000 individual Nanodots, and weighing over 600 pounds.
Nudge is the digital communications platform that improves workforce productivity for organizations with deskless or frontline employees. Backed by the highest user ratings in its category, Nudge provides employees with the information and tools they need to stay connected at work and reach organizational goals. Leading brands such as Staples, Compass Group, and Margaritaville rely on Nudge to communicate better, gather feedback faster, and harness actionable insights to drive better business outcomes.
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Optable is a Data Collaboration Platform that enables brands, media owners, and marketing technology companies to offer safe, secure, and compliant data clean rooms that powers close collaboration with their internal and external partners. Optable is on a mission to redefine how online identity and first-party data is used to drive outcomes for media owners and digital marketers. We use modern, secure, multiparty computation and cryptographic techniques to allow data to be matched without being shared. As a result, partners and teams can safely collaborate without sacrificing data sovereignty or risking non-compliance.