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Senior MEMS Design Engineer

AdHawk Microsystems

AdHawk Microsystems

Software Engineering, Design
Waterloo, ON, Canada
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2022

Position Summary

In this role, you will develop new MEMS designs for AdHawk’s tracking products. You will be required to perform thorough modeling and simulation of devices suitable for high volume production. You may also lead work on our current electrothermal MEMS scanners, this includes advancing the yield ramp of our MEMS process, and modeling our current device to increase the reliability. You will be working with our cross-disciplinary team to develop specifications for our MEMS scanners and set up MEMS test structures for process control monitoring of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

Secondarily, you will be able to verify your design ideas through a MPW/short loop wafer run at top-tier CMOS and MEMS foundries. Our internal ensuite clean room will help to quickly assemble new concept designs for test and validation.

You are a curious and driven person that loves to solve problems and develop new and innovative technology in a collaborative team environment. You are capable of thinking independently, meeting tight deadlines with changing priorities, and leading multiple product developments simultaneously.

Candidate Requirements

  • Undergraduate Engineering or Physics degree with 5+ years of MEMS production experience
  • Experience with shipping large volumes of MEMS products such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, MEMS mirrors or other MEMS devices.

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Design and model next generation MEMS devices for novel 3D sensing applications
  • Design of experiments to test and validate next generation MEMS devices
  • Multiphysics finite element modeling and analysis to understand thermal, mechanical and electrical properties of MEMS devices and identify failure modes and weaknesses
  • Development of test solutions to measure and monitor MEMS yield, performance and reliability
  • Perform statistical analysis of test and characterization results for correlation with simulation models or process parameters

In addition to primary job responsibilities, from time to time, you may need to:

  • Design and develop process control monitoring test structures
  • Refinement of MEMS design rules to increase yield and producibility
  • Assist environmental testing, accelerated aging, device characterization to validate devices
  • Analysis of MEMS using various characterization techniques, inspection tools and testing protocols

Required Skills

  • Experienced with FEA software such as Coventorware, COMSOL or ANSYS
  • Proficient in FMEA and failure mode analysis techniques
  • Familiar with MEMS characterization techniques such as SEM, EDX, XRD, FIB and Auger
  • Experience with MEMS layout software such as L-Edit, Cadence, K-Layout
  • Experienced with strife testing of MEMS components such as ESD, drop testing, UHAST
  • Familiar with Monte Carlo analysis or other statistical methods to quantify the effects of process tolerances
  • Strong technical writing expertise for production of datasheets, vendor presentations and product planning documents
  • High volume MEMS development and production experience


  • Cleanroom and microassembly experience
  • Basic programming/scripting experience: C++/Python or equivalent
  • Familiar with dynamic multiphysics simulations and analysis